xmirrors is a company that works with personalized glass and mirrors.
They provide glass and mirror solutions for homeowners, designers, architects and contractors. Personality and originality are present in the company and this is what they want to represent with their high quality products and services, in each project delivered.
The extensive skill and experience of the team has given them a reputation for excellent quality and service. Today it has a wide range of clients and employees.

xmirrors = The name refers to:
x: XEROX = which is a "reproduction technique" and which in Greek means "dry" + Mirrors = Mirrors.
The symbol refers to the initial and also to the reproduction of the reflection in the mirror (mirror that is green in the symbol).
Green because it is the real color of the mirror, or rather, the closest color that the eye is able to see from the mirror.
Xerox because it reproduces, just like the mirror reflects.
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